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 About the Journal Editorial Board FORMATTING INSTRUCTIONS Revised Manuscripts How to Submit your Manuscript 


Submissions for review may be formatted in any standard manuscript style appropriate to the discipline, as long as they are clearly laid out and conform to the specifications given below. While there is no absolute limit on article length, any manuscript longer than 20 pages (including references) is unlikely to be reviewed rapidly. Manuscripts of such length are rarely accepted without major revisions; as such length is almost never justified.

Contributors can greatly help the editorial process by setting up their manuscript in accordance with the following conventions.

1. Papers must be typed in a 12 pt, left-aligned, with 1.5 line-spacing used for running text (single-spacing should be used for examples, tables, and figures); page margins must be at a minimum 1.25 inches on all sides.
2. The authorís name, address, or other identifying materials (such as repeated and obvious self-citations) should not be included, as papers will be reviewed anonymously.
3. The paper must be accompanied by an abstract of no more than 150 words; this is uploaded separately at time of submission.
5. Pages, examples, figures, and tables must be numbered consecutively to allow the editors and reviewers to refer to specific material in the paper while writing reviews.
6. The paper must contain a complete list of sources cited, given at the end of the manuscript (rather than citations placed in footnotes); only references actually cited in the paper should be included in the list of references.

7-The paper must contain a complete list of abbreviations used in examples and discussion; this is usually included in a footnote at the bottom of the first page or attached to the end of the paragraph preceding the first interlinearized data set.

8- Material submitted should generally be in line with modern conventions on issues of language and gender

9- Manuscripts submitted for review must include continuous line numbering across all sections of text, including the bibliography. Most word processors can automatically apply line numbering with a single command (e.g. in MS Word go to 'Format' > 'Document Ö' > 'Layout' > 'Line Numbering'). Line numbering applied in a word processor document will be included on conversion to PDF, but does not affect layout, margins, or pagination.

10- The Journal adheres to the APA reference style. Click here to review the guidelines on APA to ensure your manuscript conforms to this reference style.

Papers that do not meet these specifications will be returned to the author for reformatting before being sent out for review.

11-Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication, authors will be asked to prepare a version of their paper that conforms specifically to the Journal style sheet for final submissions.


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